At Archimedes Metal Industry, we take great pride in our history. We believe that by maintaining the ideals that our founder set when he first started, we can also maintain the same level of professionalism, craftmanship and love for our trade that he intended and our clients know and trust.

1973 › Foundation


In 1973 the company is founded at the Mia Milia Industrial Area in Nicosia, operating form a new-state of the art factory.


Turkish invasion

In 1974 a crown jewel of the then manufacturing industry is lost in the Turkish invasion and the company is forced to hault its operations without any indication of reoperating in the near future.


In 1976 the company reoperates with enormous difficulties at our current location.


In 1994 the family’ s second generation takes the reins. Three siblings with knowledge and vision set to modernise and upgrade the company to fully professional standards.
Michalis PapaVasileiou B.Eng. (Hons) UMIST acts as the chief mechanical engineer - director.
Photini Constantinou in management
Christina Frantzi in charge of accounting and finance
With perseverance, vision, training, quality and hard work they drive the company to fully upgrade to European standards covering objectives and setting others higher and more demanding each time.


In 2004 the subsidiary company “Archimedes Metal Roofs” is created. Innovation in roofs with incredible advantages, combined with the introduction of innovative insulating material.


In 2006 Fotini Papavassiliou is honored by the CCCI and COWBP as Entrepreneur of the Year for her contribution to the rise of the company.


Today the company employees ten people, each one fully trained at their respective sector servicing more than 200 different clients either individuals or companies.